Pier Road Stolen Van

Van in River

On Tuesday, 26th March 2013, Sussex Police Diving Team arrived in Pier Road to recover a Verdant Van which had been stolen some days earlier. The van had been driven into the river at some speed so that it was completely submerged with only a small section of its roof visible at the lowest tide.

Van in River Pier Road

Van being recovered by Sussex Police.

Pier Road Van

Verdant Van finally out of the water. The potential hazard to shipping and leisure craft was quite significant especially given how many sailing boats and large shipping use the river area all year round.

Sussex Police Divers

Sussex Police Divers preparing to enter the water and recover the vehicle.


First Shipment of Steel Arrives

The first shipment of steel for the proposed new sea defences arrived in Littlehampton last week.

Andrew Walker from the Environment Agency advises that it’s one of 3 ship loads with the final one due to arrive early next week.

Obviously keen to be as environmentally sensitive as possible, the Environment Agency have chosen ship over road, which I think makes sense and it’s nice to see that they’re keen to make this project as low-impact as possible.

The Ship used for transporting the steel is the Walter Hammann, described as a ‘general cargo vessel built in 1988.

Walter Hammann.2

It’s a large ship as you can see above passing our shop window on the way out of the harbour.

Walter Hammann Delivers Steel for new Sea Defences to Littlehampton

Walter Hammann Delivers Steel for new Sea Defences to Littlehampton

It’s owners have quite a nifty website that tracks the ship’s progress and tells you where it’s at and where’s it been to.

Below is a copy of some of the information  from the Ship’s website’s page

Voyage Related Info (Last Received)

Draught: 3.2 m
ETA: 2013-03-16 05:00
Info Received: 2013-03-15 14:04 (0d, 3h 4min ago)

Throughout our consultation process, the Environment Agency has demonstrated a very strong commitment to their environmental credentials. For example, staff don’t use or carry business cards and when writing to you they print on both sides of the page. And, now are shipping the steel by sea as opposed to by road. It’s a positive sign for the future.

Pictured below the Walter Hammann dropping off the first consignment of Steel to construct Littlehampton’s Sea Defences.

Steel being unloadedSo, two important pictures – above the first shipment of steel and below the first mark in Arun Parade showing where the first exploratory bore hole was made.

First mark for the first bore hole, Arun Parade Littlehampton

First mark for the first bore hole, Arun Parade Littlehampton

Arun District Council – Lack of Cycle Parking

Welcome to Arun District Council’s Civic Centre in littlehampton.

Unless of course you happen to be travelling here by bicycle….

Arun District Council No Cycling

Where you’ll be told in no uncertain terms that your bicycle isn’t welcome

OK, so the Arun District Council don’t want bicycles in their recently refurbished Civic Centre Reception Area, which cost the local tax payer in the region of £200,000.

I can understand why they wouldn’t want bicycles pushed into their newly refurbished reception area.

Surely the reason that bikes are being taken into the Civic Centre is that people can’t find anywhere to park their bike?

Given they’ve just spent £200,000 on a revamp, surely the relatively small cost of a sign indicating where bike parking can be found would be a sensible investment?

Or, better still, why not invest in some decent cycle parking for visitors to the Civic Centre?

Clearly every consideration is given to those visiting by car.

Arun Distrrict Council  Civic Centre

The existing cycle parking is around the corner of the main entrance out of sight, which clearly is a problem as no one can find where it is.

No expense has been spared in catering for the motorist:

  1. Disabled Parking bays at the front
  2. Short term parking bays at the front (to the right hand side of this picture)
  3. Free parking in a large lay-by (see other picture below)
  4. A large car park a hundred yards away from the Civic Centre.

Arun District Council Civic Centre Parking

Free short term parking outside the Civic Centre. Let’s not inconvenience the motorist and ensure that those travelling by car can park as close the front door as possible.

Why not designate that yellow hatched area to Cycle Parking?

Arun District Council Civic Centre

Continue around the building and you’ll find lots of free parking for motorists.

Just to the right hand side Arun District Council’s token gesture in relation to cycle parking. (Pictured above) Two black bars as far out of sight and access of the main entrance as possible. Unsigned and clearly unloved.

Compare this pathetic facility to the one pictured below, which has been created for the sole use of Arun District Council’s staff.

Arun District Council anti-cycling

But when it comes to providing Cycle Parking for it’s staff, Arun spares no indulgence and provides an excellent, secure and sheltered facility complete with CCTV monitoring.

In my view, an example of how cycle parking should be.

I congratulate Arun District Council for providing such a well-thought out, practical and clearly desirable cycle parking facility for it’s staff, but why no such thing for the local Rate Payer?

Arun District Council Cycling Policy

What a stupid and unhelpful sign this is.

Clearly if Arun provided a Sign outside the building indicating where the Cycle Parking could be found, such a negative message would not be needed?

Or, better still if Arun District Council created a decent, inviting, visible and practical Cycle Shelter (just like the one they’ve built for their own staff), the problem would be solved.

Please don’t take your bicycle into the Civic Centre.Cycle Parking available at the side of the building

Surely it doesn’t take much to create an altogether more positive and useful message?