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  1. Very disappointed. I thought it was going to be pedestrianised and brought up to date. Wat a complete waste of tax payers money. The whole show is as dangerous or even more than wat it ever was

    • oh the joys of it couldnt agree more ! Disapointed ! all that money yet ive never known it flood years down the line when it does it will have too be done again! if not the other side sea looking wonky these days or pherhaps i need to go too specsavers lol initialy i thought nice a complete nono for me too eat my chips looking at the que at freds be it cheering local buisness flourishing one has to wonder in 12 months what it will look like aaaa well should know better me im just guided by those who know best for me!

  2. Bland ! lovely lets all sit on the seats and look! some of us will go into pain on those low seats !Ramp hahaha the cry but hey hope all enjoy! bish bash bong at how much ! couldnt make it up could you ! Appens some think they know best !

  3. Adrian Watson Reply

    Just wanted to thank you for all your updates and information during the long period of flood defence work. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, better late than never. Once again, thank you. Kind regards Adrian Watson

  4. James Robinson Reply

    I was brought up in the 60’s all around there and we lived in River Road. The small ferry you see (to my memory there were 2 one normally used) were motorised and a chap who steered it with a tiller had a large goiter that my mother always thought was caused by his twisting himself whilst sitting on the small engine seat to enable himself to see forward.

  5. Nick Eccles Reply

    I Love reading these pages!!
    The writer is articulate, informative & very funny – I often wonder if we have the sane attitudes towards the likes of Arun District Council, Town Council et all…….
    These clowns have systematically destroyed my beloved Bognor Regis & Littlehampton, replacing perfectly good & often irreplaceable landmarks buildings & so on………….
    The letter to the pier road resident with the dog in the window surpasses a fair bit of what else I wish I only had time to write about here………The council latest Bufoon-ess blunders full on into what would only puzzle the average local! Nothing gets in the way of this lanyard sporting lady as she firmly believes every word she has posted out to these poor folk!
    Thank f**k for the internet that cannot be stopped in making these ‘Teams’ being exposed for the Turkeys they really are!! WAIT Mr. Eccles, you are not allowed to make such derogatory statements etc etc – Yeah I have had a few letters & terminated telephone calls to our wonderful ‘We have got no money’ Civic Centre (Let’s not go there just yet)
    This ‘Buffoon Centre’ are so very fast to read innocent members of the public the riot act, or even worse………visit your home (In pairs) brandishing those oh so important lanyards, issuing warnings etc to try & calm a normal happy resident down while in fact infuriating them!!

    Double Standards indeed!! My favourite posts & commentary so far??

    The travellers on the seafront green of course with the 2 loons ‘Tackling the Problem’ from the far eastern end of the green……….the write up had me guffawing with merriment at the hapless clowns bumbling about & even needing ‘a rest’ on the low wooden fence by the loo’s!! Absolute gold!!

    • Paul Power Reply

      Thank you very much for your kind comments, Nick.

  6. Penny Beale Reply

    Hi Paul, I was interested to see the old photo of ‘ Miss Streeter’s Bungalow’. My mother was a child in the 1920s and knew Miss Streeter who was a little eccentric and a friend of the Duke of Norfolk. I believe she owned seven cottages near her house and let them to holiday visitors. She always kept number 7 for my mother’s parents and their large family. Her niece lived in Leilia’s Cottage in Wick and I think it was she who sold the site to Butlins but not certain.
    I only wish my mum could have seen these old photos.

    • Hi Penny,

      Thanks very much for your informative post. I have been trying to find out more information on Miss Streeter and this is certainly helpful. Shame your mum couldn’t have seen these old photos. I’m in the process of redesigning the site to include lots of historic pictures of Littlehampton.

      All best and thanks for taking the time to comment.


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