Every little bit hurts!

There’s no doubt in my mind that the reason so many businesses are now closing up in Littlehampton Town Centre is a direct result of the over-expansion of supermarkets.

Arun District Council Regeneration

Even Blockbusters which was a great asset to the town centre has closed its door and will be replaced by a Morrisons supermarket.

This, despite the fact that Morrisons have only recently opened up a new, large, state of the art supermarket complex on the entrance to Littlehampton.

Arun District Council Regeneration Plans

No opportunity is missed by the big supermarkets to advertise their aggressiveness as the above picture taken in Littlehampton Town Centre shows.

Here we have yet another vacant shop premises, the grave of town centre retailing seen as an advertising opportunity for ASDAs

So who is to blame for Littlehampton’s town centre’s freefall into degeneration?

There’s no doubt in my mind that Arun District Council have danced merrily with the big supermarket chains holding the cash-filled hands of Mr Morrisons, Mr Tescos and Madam Asdas by granting planning permissions for shops the size of city airports in return for a wad full of cash – agreements they euphemistically refer to as ‘Section 106 Agreements’ but could only be considered as bribes by any right minded person.

The first £60,000 of S106 Agreement monies from Morrisons in return for the out of town planning permissions was swiftly handed over to one of the Council’s Consultants to further study the building of a in-town shopping centre for which Arun District Council has no money to build.

Meanwhile, local shops are closing. Footfall is falling daily now as shoppers desert Littlehampton town centre in favour of out of town giant retail complexes.

Arun District Council RegenerationIconic Body Shop’s Littlehampton retail premises will close its doors later this month. A sad day, given that the late Dame Anita Roddick established her worldwide retail success here in Littlehampton. While Body Shop HQ thankfully remains in Littlehamton – ironically one of their factory buildings is now home to the new Morrisons.

Arun District Council Regeneration

The above shop, Mark Kimber shoes closed just before Christmas.

Arun-20130301-00126Shoe-2-Boot – closed also and as usual the property landlords see no need in giving the place a lick of paint. Far better to leave it as a standing testament to the ongoing and continuing degeneration of a once viable, vibrant town.

Who would have thought that shoe shops would be a thing of the past?

Stead and SimpsonHave a quick look at what a shoe shop once looked like. Save the picture for your children and grandchildren to muse over in years to come as shoe-shops become a thing of the past.

Yet, Arun District Council’s commitment to be as supermarket-friendly as ever continues unabated as the ‘regeneration team’ at Arun District Council ensure that not only more supermarkets are given planning permissions to open stores, but existing ones are allowed to expand, quite literally to the size of small towns.

And as for Arun District Council’s supposed commitment to regeneration, some pictures below follow of one of Arun District Council’s buildings which has been allowed to deteriorate into an unsightly mess.

Arun District Council building 1

The above picture is one of  Arun District Council’s buildings.

It’s joined to the Town Council’s main building. The Town Council’s building which you can see below is always beautifully presented, painted and great care and attention taken with the gardens and is a very popular with weddings, civil partnerships as well as housing a splendid museum.

But what impression are Arun District Council giving with their dilapidated building?

Surely it doesn’t take a team of consultants to get Arun District Council up off their well-paid backsides and give their building a lick of paint, and a new pane of glass, which would at least give the impression that Littlehampton isn’t some sort of slum destination, which it certainly isn’t.


Note the differences.

1. The derelict eyesore belongs to Arun District Council compete with boarded up door.

2. The well-kept, beautifully presented building alongside belongs to the Town Council.

3. Arun District Council trump and shout as loud as they can about regenerating Littlehampton, but yet can’t or won’t see that they are in many ways helping promote degeneration and decline by failing to look after their own buildings.

4. Arun District Council has recently used its enforcement powers to tackle property owners who allow their properties fall into a derelict and unacceptable state blighting neighborhoods. I agree with their actions, but why haven’t they sorted out their own buildings also?

Arun District Council 3

But it doesn’t just stop at buildings.

Arun District Council Signs

Here’s an Arun District Council seafront sign which clearly has either seen better days, or, which is more likely was created and designed by someone who underestimated the seafront elements.


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Arun District Council – Lack of Cycle Parking

Welcome to Arun District Council’s Civic Centre in littlehampton.

Unless of course you happen to be travelling here by bicycle….

Arun District Council No Cycling

Where you’ll be told in no uncertain terms that your bicycle isn’t welcome

OK, so the Arun District Council don’t want bicycles in their recently refurbished Civic Centre Reception Area, which cost the local tax payer in the region of £200,000.

I can understand why they wouldn’t want bicycles pushed into their newly refurbished reception area.

Surely the reason that bikes are being taken into the Civic Centre is that people can’t find anywhere to park their bike?

Given they’ve just spent £200,000 on a revamp, surely the relatively small cost of a sign indicating where bike parking can be found would be a sensible investment?

Or, better still, why not invest in some decent cycle parking for visitors to the Civic Centre?

Clearly every consideration is given to those visiting by car.

Arun Distrrict Council  Civic Centre

The existing cycle parking is around the corner of the main entrance out of sight, which clearly is a problem as no one can find where it is.

No expense has been spared in catering for the motorist:

  1. Disabled Parking bays at the front
  2. Short term parking bays at the front (to the right hand side of this picture)
  3. Free parking in a large lay-by (see other picture below)
  4. A large car park a hundred yards away from the Civic Centre.

Arun District Council Civic Centre Parking

Free short term parking outside the Civic Centre. Let’s not inconvenience the motorist and ensure that those travelling by car can park as close the front door as possible.

Why not designate that yellow hatched area to Cycle Parking?

Arun District Council Civic Centre

Continue around the building and you’ll find lots of free parking for motorists.

Just to the right hand side Arun District Council’s token gesture in relation to cycle parking. (Pictured above) Two black bars as far out of sight and access of the main entrance as possible. Unsigned and clearly unloved.

Compare this pathetic facility to the one pictured below, which has been created for the sole use of Arun District Council’s staff.

Arun District Council anti-cycling

But when it comes to providing Cycle Parking for it’s staff, Arun spares no indulgence and provides an excellent, secure and sheltered facility complete with CCTV monitoring.

In my view, an example of how cycle parking should be.

I congratulate Arun District Council for providing such a well-thought out, practical and clearly desirable cycle parking facility for it’s staff, but why no such thing for the local Rate Payer?

Arun District Council Cycling Policy

What a stupid and unhelpful sign this is.

Clearly if Arun provided a Sign outside the building indicating where the Cycle Parking could be found, such a negative message would not be needed?

Or, better still if Arun District Council created a decent, inviting, visible and practical Cycle Shelter (just like the one they’ve built for their own staff), the problem would be solved.

Please don’t take your bicycle into the Civic Centre.Cycle Parking available at the side of the building

Surely it doesn’t take much to create an altogether more positive and useful message?