Three Brothers Boat


Littlehampton’s most iconic wooden boat, Three Brothers is up for sale.

Please note – If you’re interested in buying the Three Brothers – please contact Alan on 07854790531 – and not the number displayed/shown in the pictures below.

Sailing in Littlehampton Harbour 3

This classic wooden fishing boat (a 28ft Cornish Crabber) owned and lovingly maintained by the Rockall brothers, David, Alan and Brian is now up for sale.

Built in the early 1930s and was originally named The Lady Betty. When the brothers bought her, she was a near wreck and they spent many hours lovingly bringing her back to life. Along with a complete refurbishment and replacement of many of her planks, she needed a new mast and sails.

Since then they’ve sailed her extensively around the South Coast – she’s a familiar sight in the Solent – I’ve seen her a number of times when I’ve been sailing in the Solent. Her entry into Cowes harbour generates lots of interest from those travelling in on the Wighlink ferries as well as those standing on the shoreline.

She is beautiful underway.

No modern plastic boat or fiberglass replica can ever match her gracefulness while under sail. She is, as they say, the real thing. Not many of these boats left and it’s a credit to the brothers for looking after her as well as they have for as long as they have.

The brothers have also sailed her around Britain taking in the wilds of Scotland and returning via the Caledonian canal.

The boat offers basic accommodation – a small cabin housing a bunk, stove/galley all under the forepeak deck. It’s oozes charm and recreates the stately pace of a byegone era. As for sailing performance – this boat was built for the water and the relatively rough seas we frequently get off the South Coast – which she takes in her stride.

Three Brothers
Three Brothers sailing into Littlehampton harbour

She cuts a fine sight as she sails gracefully into Littlehampton harbour


Three Brothers Sailing Boat Littlehampton

If you’re interested in buying her, pop along to Littlehampton harbour by the slip way where she sits gracefully in the water, and at low tides sits upright on her beaching legs.

For further information contact the sellers on 07854790531

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